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With more than 500 partners in the ݮƵվ Ecosystem, you can find, assess, and compliantly connect to the right real-world data for your needs. The organizations highlighted below represent a fraction of the data partners available in the Ecosystem.


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Claims data refers to the detailed information generated when a healthcare provider submits a bill, or claim, to a health insurer for services rendered to a patient. This data encompasses a wide range of information including the patient’s diagnosis, procedures performed, the cost of services, location of care, and prescriptions obtained, among other details. To learn more about Claims data, click here.

Electronic health data refers to the digital records of a patient’s medical history, treatments, and other health-related information stored in computerized systems. This data streamlines the sharing of information across healthcare providers, enhancing the coordination, efficiency, and quality of patient care. Click here to learn more about EMR data.

Medical lab data refers to the results and information generated from diagnostic tests and analyses conducted in a clinical laboratory setting. The data provides insights into a patient’s health status, helping healthcare professionals diagnose diseases, monitor treatment progress, and predict disease risk.

Social Determinant data, encompasses the conditions in environments where individuals live, work, and socialize that influence their overall health and well-being. This data highlights factors such as socioeconomic status, education, habits, behaviors, and access to healthcare, helping professionals understand and address external contributors to health disparities and general activities.

Genomics data encompasses the information derived from the complete set of DNA in an organism, including its genes and their functions. This data provides insights into genetic variations and can be used to understand inherited traits, disease susceptibilities, and evolutionary relationships. Click here to learn more about Genomics data.

Medical imaging data consists of visual representations produced from diagnostic techniques, such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, used to visualize the internal structures of the body. These images aid healthcare professionals in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating a variety of medical conditions by offering a non-invasive view into the body’s internal workings. Click here to learn more about Imaging data.

Mortality data captures information related to deaths within a specific population or region, detailing aspects like cause of death and demographic details of the deceased. This data aids in tracking and analyzing death rate trends, helping researchers and policymakers address public health concerns and improve outcomes. Click here to learn more about Mortality data.

Medical registry data consists of systematically collected information about individuals with a specific disease, condition, or exposure, often used to evaluate specified outcomes. These registries provide a comprehensive view of clinical practices, outcomes, and patterns of care, aiding in research, quality improvement, and policy-making within the healthcare sector.

The ݮƵվ RWD Ecosystem contains dozens of additional data types such as Medical Claims Remittance, Patient Reported Outcomes, and much more. Looking for a particular source for health data? Submit your request and our team will help connect you to the right partners.

Looking for a source for health data? Submit your request and our team will help connect you to the right partners.

ݮƵվ is the industry’s trusted, neutral, ubiquitous technology for connecting health data



We are the most widely used and trusted solution in connecting health data.

  • Protecting patient privacy is central to everything we do; our solution is HIPAA-compliant and SOC2 certified.
  • You maintain complete control over the access and use of your data.


ݮƵվ doesn’t license data or sell analytics, which allows us to focus solely on the technology infrastructure needed to connect data.


ݮƵվ powers the nation’s largest health data ecosystem, which includes:

  • 2,000+ hospitals
  • 15,000+ clinics
  • 120 health plans
  • Top 10 claims data sources
  • 85% of U.S. mortality data
  • Top 5 labs, plus specialty and genetic labs
  • 3 out of the top 5 EHR data sources
  • 9 out of the top 10 consumer and social determinants data sources
  • 20+ specialty pharmacies


ݮƵվ Switchboard is the only end-to-end solution that enables you to connect data while maintaining control and privacy compliance. With Switchboard you can:

  • De-identify and tokenize data
  • Match patient records
  • Evaluate the overlap between datasets
  • Certify data as HIPAA compliant
  • Deliver data to any partner