Data Moves at the
Speed of Trust

An impactful health data network requires thoughtful privacy practices that instill trust by optimizing for both patient benefit and protection of patient data.

Health care decisions can only be optimized when patient data is exchanged and connected across relevant people and organizations. In order to build trust and improve outcomes for populations in need, the network must be powered by technology that supports unbiased access controls and puts privacy at the forefront.

Every patient deserves to have their data used responsibly and their privacy protected.

Decisions around the use of patient data must be grounded in both ethics and compliance. Parties operating with health data should actively seek opportunities to engage with patients to understand their perspective on how their data can be used for public good.

The work of a health data steward is never done because patient privacy depends on the use to which the data is being put, and lives in the context of security controls and information governance.

Evaluation of patient privacy must consider the relevant data along with an understanding of the data flow, the parties who will be accessing the data, and the technical and administrative safeguards put in place to protect that data. Building trust requires a transparent approach to these considerations of privacy protection and governance.

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