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Full Potential

Connect clinical trial data with RWD for research-grade insights at any point of the patient journey

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Connected real-world data is the future of clinical trials innovation

Remove silos for advanced
evidence generation

Make data collection an ongoing,
adaptable process

Reduce high cost of clinical trials
and Phase IV studies

In a recent survey, 96% of life sciences leaders said RWD can have a significant impact on validating clinical outcomes. Only 19% said they are extremely effective at doing this today.*

ݮƵվ Trials is the industry’s leading
privacy-preserving tokenization platform

Before Trial
During Trial
After Trial

Before Trial


  • Optimize study design and cohort selection
  • Adapt study design using clinico-genomics datasets to better understand super-responders

During Trial


  • Ensure optimal outcomes across diverse patient cohorts
  • Reduce site and patient burden of long follow-up periods

After Trial


  • Support long-term safety and efficacy evidence collection post-trial
  • Differentiate clinical outcomes and impact for payer discussions
  • Generate evidence for label expansion
privacy and compliance
  • Seamless access to independent privacy experts help ensure linked datasets remain properly de-identified, dramatically reducing the time to insights otherwise lost to obtaining HIPAA compliance.
  • Remediations make sure final datasets meet privacy protection standards identified in the expert determination report.
identity resolution
  • ݮƵվ’s machine learning matching models bring research-grade accuracy to patient matching for real-world evidence studies and regulatory submission.
  • Research-grade precision and accuracy rates in identifying unique and duplicate patients.
  • Secure, consistent DVID key to match the same patient across a diverse array of datasets.
  • Trial-specific encryption provides complete control of trial data by sponsors and is compliant with HIPAA, GCP, 21 CFR Part 11 plus SOC 2 certification.
  • A highly secure PHI environment for site-level tokenization ensures that no PHI is sent to sponsors, bad actors or unwanted parties. 
Flexible and
  • Large Ecosystem of 500+ data partners.
  • Quick evaluation, discovery and linkage to fit-for-purpose datasets for research needs.
  • Independent and neutral for flexible and adaptable partnership with any partner in the Ecosystem.

Powered by the Nation’s Largest Healthcare Ecosystem



Trials Tokenized



ecosystem data partners


of the largest CRO’s

ݮƵվ’s Ecosystem has RWD and CRO partners from across the trials landscape to accelerate data linkage and evidence generation.

ݮƵվ Trials in Action


Easy to use for site

Enable sites to tokenize via a web-based portal that easily integrates into clinical trial workflows. 



Track and monitor all trials being tokenized in one place, with proactive site management.


evaluate RWD

Assess datasets to quickly find fit-for-purpose RWD best suited for your research question.


Visibility across all

See tokenized trials, along with all licensed third-party datasets, in one place.

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Using ݮƵվ Trials, a 2022 study by Boehringer Ingelheim showed a nearly 90% overlap between trial patient cohort and real-world datasets, even with small trial populations.

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