Get compliant data
connectivity and
visibility across the

Build your data connectivity platform with Switchboard


To unlock the power of enterprise data connectivity,
no one wants to start from scratch.

Switchboard helps data and technology leaders:

Optimize for Scale

Streamline projects and reduce costs

With visibility across the enterprise, you can streamline the partners, platforms and workflows that are already in place – without disrupting your status quo.

Tech + Human Experts

Deliver quality results faster

Integrated software tools with the necessary human expertise creates a one-stop-shop for your data connectivity projects. Your teams can find partners, certify datasets, and deliver results faster.

Work with Anyone

Maintain ultimate flexibility of choice

With ݮƵվ’s neutral ecosystem, choose from hundreds of data sources, applications, and platforms to get the insights you need.


You can use our tools to:

Your data strategy. Your switchboard.

ݮƵվ is the industry’s trusted health data connectivity solution. Whether you’re a health system, life sciences company, payer or analytics platform – our technology can enable your data strategy. Think of Switchboard as your tool to enable data to flow as you need it to.

Work with us to improve patient outcomes
through data connectivity