Unlock new opportunities with connected data

Connect to the nation’s largest ecosystem of health data

ݮƵվ Switchboard is an end-to-end health data connectivity solution that allows you to connect data and control access to it, while complying with privacy regulations.


Connect to third-party sources to enrich your data, or easily connect to a client’s existing data


Tightly control access to and sharing of data within your organization


Ensure compliance with the industry’s most trusted privacy-preserving technology

Connected real-world data yields better insights for your clients

Refine models for finding rare disease patients

by linking diagnostic lab, genomic, and imaging data

Conduct long-term safety and effectiveness studies

by linking their clinical trial data to medical claims and electronic health record data

Improve value-based care analytics

and sharpen total cost of care estimates by linking to EHR and clinical data

Hone risk adjustment factor calculations

by linking claims to social determinants data, to properly estimate the true cost of patient care

Accelerate the process of connecting data to
open up new opportunities

Why Customers Choose ݮƵվ

Together with ݮƵվ, we’re giving key healthcare stakeholders greater visibility into data options that offer deeper insights into specific patient cohorts, while providing speed, flexibility and control throughout the process.

ݮƵվ provides us with a broad array of built-in connections to real-world data sources, which can now be combined to yield a more holistic view of patient health than clinical trial data alone.

ݮƵվ’s technology has allowed us to securely and easily connect Integrity to a growing number of relevant health datasets while at the same time protecting patient privacy.

Partnering with ݮƵվ has provided Parexel the ability to link disparate data sets to drive the complex analyses necessary for providing innovative scientific and clinical data strategies.

Combining ݮƵվ’s ability to join datasets with our leading AI capabilities enables a robust and deep understanding of patient behaviors, drug safety, and drug efficacy

Connect the data you need with Switchboard.

ݮƵվ Switchboard helps you connect health data, control access to it and comply with privacy regulations.

Work with us to improve patient outcomes
through data connectivity