Connect your data to see the full patient journey

Connect to the nation’s largest ecosystem of health data

ݮƵվ Switchboard is an end-to-end health data connectivity solution that allows you to connect data and control access to it, while complying with privacy regulations.


Link internal data to real world data with advanced patient matching


Tightly control access to and sharing of data within your organization


Ensure compliance with the industry’s most trusted privacy-preserving technology

Connecting real-world data enables you to…

Accelerate clinical trial enrollment

by linking complete patient data to confirm trial eligibility and better understand reasons for disqualification

Increase the success of your clinical development program

by connecting clinical data, claims data and labs to help explain non-responders, extend your observation period and capture data on patients lost to follow-up.

Generate stronger evidence to support reimbursement

by connecting claims, EHR, lab data and PROs to sharpen cost of care calculations and measure a new therapy’s economic impact

Improve precision of commercial targeting and measurement

by using specialty pharmacy data, claims and clinical data to find newly diagnosed patients, measure adherence and understand the effectiveness of campaigns.

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How to link real-world data across your organization

Historically, pharma and medical device companies have been limited by to answer questions across the product lifecycle. With ݮƵվ you can finally connect the dots: link data across your entire organization and third-party data providers to see a fully longitudinal view of the patients you serve.

Accelerate the process of connecting data to
open up new opportunities

Why Customers Choose ݮƵվ

With our database and biospecimen repository now linked to the ݮƵվ ecosystem, we can help our partners address a range of clinical, reimbursement and biomarker questions in lung cancer.

Janssen R&D gains access to ݮƵվ’s privacy-protecting linking technology to integrate disparate data sets to create rich, longitudinal real-world and clinical datasets to better understand the holistic patient journey, thereby enhancing the design and execution of Janssen’s clinical development programs for patients.

Partnering with ݮƵվ has provided Parexel the ability to link disparate data sets to drive the complex analyses necessary for providing innovative scientific and clinical data strategies.

This partnership with ݮƵվ will significantly expand our access to real world data (RWD) and ability to choose the information assets that are most relevant for any given trial.

Connect the data you need with Switchboard.

ݮƵվ Switchboard helps you connect health data, control access to it and comply with privacy regulations.

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